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Cyclo Vac – the best vacuum cleaners on the market!

Nowadays, central vacuum cleaners are not too much of a fad, but a real and practical choice for your home, convenience and ease of use

Central vacuum cleaner placed in the basement, garage or utility room and a pipe system embedded in the walls of the house will help even more effectively and quickly clean the house of dust and other dirt, which we want to get rid of irretrievably. Thanks to this solution, our customers get the possibility of easier vacuuming because you do not need to carry any heavy equipment with you, or look for electrical outlets, and the user only supports the light suction tube of the central vacuum cleaner and a set of tips that will help even more effectively maintain order at home.

It’s modernity, convenience and functionality,
so much needed in every home.

Cyclo Vac is one of the best central vacuum cleaners in the world. The products of this brand are found in millions of buildings whose residents are satisfied with the choice. For 50 years, Cyclo Vac has been a leader in the demanding Canadian market. It is reliable and extremely efficient.

In addition to the perfect central vacuum cleaners, we service Cyclo Vac equipment, and we also sell the parts needed to repair them.